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                26. Garden School is very famous and it’s Mary’s first choice. Which of the following is
                correct for the underlined word? A)/f??st/
                B) /fi:st /
                C) /fri:st /
                D) /frist /
                27. Do you see that good-looking young man? __ is a famous Korean film star.
                A) He B) His C) Him D) Himself
                28. More and more people in Shanghai choose to go to work__________ underground.
                A) in B) with C) by D) for
                29. Students are encouraged to share their learning experience__________ their
                classmates.[來源:學,科,網Z,X,X,K] A) to
                B) in
                C) at D) with[]
                30. The traffic is moving very slowly as so many cars ___ on their way back to Shanghai.
                A) am B) is C) are D) be

                26. A 27. A 28. C 29. D 30.C